People’s Budget

The People’s Budget

The People’s Budget shows that the money is within reach to fully-fund NYCHA.

Fight For NYCHA is recommending on raising income taxes on corporations and on the wealthy. One proposal would eliminate some tax abatements for the Top 10% of income earners. Despite raising revenue, none of these proposals are punitive. In fact, these proposals are reasonable. And some of these ideas are legislation-ready.

The People’s Budget for Housing, Justice, and Dignity

Updated People's Budget of Fight For NYCHA
Updated People's Budget, adopted without any dissent, at the Fight For NYCHA Town Hall meeting on Feb. 5 at P.S. 33 in Chelsea.

The People’s Budget was first adopted in a Town Hall meeting on Sept. 18. An update was adopted on at a Town Hall meeting on Feb. 5.

The People’s Budget was drafted in consultation with public housing tenants, and it was adopted at a town hall attended by NYCHA tenants. The People’s Budget is a package of ideas for legislation that will raise taxes on the rich and reallocate funds from gentrification development plans to fully-fund public housing and forge new Government policy based on justice and dignity.

Originally, the People’s Budget passed at the first Fight For NYCHA Town Hall meeting on Sept. 18.

A second Town Hall meeting permitted the People’s Budget to be updated.

Two new line items were added at the Feb. 5 Town Hall meeting, showing that over $440 billion in taxes are readily available to fully-fund NYCHA and to fund other, new Government policy for justice and dignity for all New Yorkers.

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