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Privacy Policy

What information we collect and why. Fight For NYCHA collects basic information from visitors to our Web site ; people who contact us by e-mail ; people we follow or who follow us on our social media accounts ; and other, minimal personal information from our supporters. We basically collect and use e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, and social media handles in order to carry out our advocacy work. Fight For NYCHA engages in advocacy work to save public housing, generally, and specifically in New York City.

What information Fight For NYCHA does not collect. We don’t collect sensitive data or information.

How we work with the information we do collect. Fight For NYCHA works with a team. We may share information within our team in order to carry out our advocacy work. Our team sometimes obtains information about prospective members. Each team member, who works with data and information, signs a statement of understanding that they will comply with this Privacy Policy and to act in good faith. At all times, we act responsibly with all information. We do not sell your personal information.

How you can control the information we collect. If you are a customer, then you have some control over the information you share with us. If we follow each other on social media platforms, then we already comply with the terms and conditions of those platforms. If you subscribe to our newsletter, then you control which e-mail account we use to contact you.

Our use of cookies and tracking. We may use cookies for the overall functionality of our Web site, and we may use tracking and analytics services on our site. We make these disclosures to make our policies as transparent as possible.

How Fight For NYCHA secures your information. We take all measures reasonably necessary to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your personal information on Fight For NYCHA.

How we respond to involuntary disclosure. Fight For NYCHA aims to comply with all laws and regulations. We may share your information in response to a legal or Court action. We strive for transparency and respect, and we will notify you when possible.

How we, and others, communicate with you. We shall primarily communicate with you by e-mail, but we may also contact you by telephone or via social media. You can control the way we contact you by subscribing, unsubscribing, following, unfollowing, or taking other actions via our Web site and social media platforms. Because Fight For NYCHA is an advocacy group, if you publicly follow us on social media, then you are aware that you publicly follow an advocacy group. We may, from time to time, identify or mention our followers in our communication as we carry out our advocacy work. This will allow Fight For NYCHA to extend its advocacy work in a powerful way.

Changes to our Privacy Statement. We make updates to our privacy policies on our Web site.

Contacting Fight For NYCHA. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about our Privacy Policy.