Join Fight For NYCHA in opposing any sale of public housing

RAD Conversions Lead to Tenant Harassment and Evictions

Mayor Bill de Blasio (D-New York City) has announced that he plans to sell 1/3 of NYCHA public housing to private real estate interests. This sale will put 62,000 public housing apartments in the hands of private real estate developers and investors. Mayor de Blasio is disguising the sale by describing it a RAD conversion to Section 8 housing. In Maryland and Virginia, RAD conversions have lead to tenant harassment and evictions due to loss of tenant protections.

Help us plan a city-wide assembly to stop the sale of NYCHA and to self-determine the future of public housing.

For more information, please call us at : (646) 847-9550.

Fight For NYCHA holds City Hall rally

City Hall Rally

On 10 February, members of Fight For NYCHA held a rally in at the steps of City Hall to call attention to the risks and dangers of the announced plans by Mayor Bill de Blasio (D-New York City) to sell 1/3 of NYCHA (approx. 62,000 apartments) to private landlords.