Protest Against Eric Adams at Brooklyn Borough Hall

Eric Adams is a Liar, Liar Privatizer !

Wait until you see how we hit the piñata !

Borough President Eric Adams (D-Brooklyn) won’t rule out using using RAD/PACT or the Blueprint to sell-out NYCHA public housing. As a result, we had no choice but to protest Borough President Adams.

We caused a scene ! Borough President Adams was supposedly not in the office Monday morning, but he had his minions take photographs and video of us from open windows or open doors. Because we had an audience, we put on a show ! We brought a piñata with us with Borough President Adams’ face on it, and we beat the piñata.

Since politicians keep ignoring our needs during a pandemic that has yet to end, we are asking for everyone to join us in starting a General Strike. All you have to do is to pledge to stay home at least one day a week to stop community spread of the Coronavirus and to keep yourself and others safe. We also ask people to call 311 and ask for food/meals and personal protection equipment, or PPE.

Please help us spread the word about how easy it is to start a General Strike !

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